Communication Plan

For several years, Junior ESSEC has developed a unique know-how in the field of communication plans. We collaborate with designers and an advertising company to help us conceive a brand’s image and identity.


Among the services offered by Junior ESSEC in this domain, you can find:

  • Reflection around the name of a company, a product or a service,
  • Design of a logo and a visual identity including fonts and color charts,
  • Creation of presentation supports (posters, leaflets, promotional movies, presentation documents),
  • Elaboration of a complete communication plan with strategic roadmap, planning, determination of communication channels and tools (digital, paper, TV, etc.), as well as an estimated budget regarding of the campaign.


Communication plans require a clear and strategic vision of a market. They require a profound reflection on the identity of a company (what people think of it and what the client wishes to do) without improvisation. They generally represent an excellent complement to potential studies led with entrepreneurs, which do not hesitate to work with Project Leaders throughout the whole creation process of their business, from market studies to business plans and, finally, communication plans. 

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