Benchmarking is a methodology that can be the subject of a dedicated study or part of a more comprehensive market study. Junior ESSEC’s Project Leaders determine with the client the elements to be analyzed thanks to a benchmark grid.


Benchmarking consists in a compared study of the client and its competitors on the market. Thanks to our specialized databases and our strong experience of this methodology, our Junior-Enterprise analyses:

  • The financial data, with main financial ratios and the evolution of the company’s health over recent years,
  • The implantation of the company on the studied territory (regional level, national level, European level, worldwide, etc.) with a mapping of agencies, subsidiaries, works, factories and so on,
  • The company’s strategy in terms of positioning, development and commercial performance on their product range,
  • Important events, such as recent acquisitions or organizational upheavals.


Benchmarking is rarely sufficient by itself and makes more sense in a comprehensive supply analysis. Junior ESSEC’s Project Leaders will not hesitate to propose optional phases if they consider it relevant to the client’s need. It is particularly interesting to deepen the analysis and expand the down-to-earth analysis of raw data via qualitative data.

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