Focus group

As part of the studies preliminary to the launch of a product, a service or a brand, Junior ESSEC was led to organize Focus Groups with a selection of participants according to criteria chosen with the client.


A Focus Group is generally composed of 5 to 8 people gathered together to exchange their opinions during several hours on a chosen topic. The two Project Leaders in charge of the study frame this meeting. They make sure to:

  • Take care of the logistics part of the focus group (booking of a meeting room, recruitment of participants and scheduling of the meeting, etc.) and the well-going of the meeting,
  • Present the issues at stake to participants,
  • Foster constructive and qualitative exchanges via balancing speaking time between participants and without actively taking part in the discussion,
  • Record (audio or video) the meeting in order to work precisely on the summary and the analysis of collected data at the end of the focus group.


This qualitative method is particularly recommended while designing a product or a brand. It forces participants from different backgrounds, socio-economic categories, ages and viewpoints to ponder on a product/service/brand and try to make the most of their teamwork. It fosters innovation and can bring out totally new ideas.

This methodology generally comes as a complement for a positioning study or a study preliminary to a product, service or brand launch.

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