History of Junior ESSEC

Junior ESSEC was founded in 1967 by Pierre-Marie THAUVIN, an ESSEC student who wanted to create a professional student-led organization. Junior ESSEC pioneered the movement of Junior Enterprises that began to replicate in Grandes Écoles and universities all over France. As a matter of fact, Junior ESSEC has kept its leading position since its creation while promoting the movement. In 1969, the National Confederation of Junior Enterprises (CNJE, Confédération Nationale des Junior Entreprises) was co-founded by Junior ESSEC. It gathers today French Junior-Enterprises to promote their unique model of professionalism, entrepreneurship, striving for excellence.


Junior ESSEC holds among its previous members entrepreneurs, CEOs and senior executives in major French and global companies such as Danone, McKinsey, Goldman Sachs or L’Oréal.


Since its creation, the core values of Junior ESSEC have remained deep-rooted in one ambition: Excellence. Know-hows and experience have been passed on for 50 years, reinforcing Junior ESSEC’s leader position and uniqueness among other Junior Enterprises. These differences include:

  • Full-fledged recruiting process as in major consultancies,
  • 21 months of full-time dedication thanks to a gap year,
  • 2-Project-Leaders-system to ensure excellence and top-quality on every study. 

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