How we work

Our approach

We build over time a steady and strong relation with our clients:

Getting in touch

This key moment allows Junior ESSEC’s two Project Leaders to understand the issue at stake, the context of the study and our client’s requirements. We then design a comprehensive response tailored to our client’s specificities.

Elaborating the business proposal

Our business proposal aims at giving all the details on how we understood the problem, its context and the means we intend to make use of. The document also includes several references, namely previous studies in the same activity sector or with the same methodology. The proposed budget and expected planning are also part of the proposal.

Validating the objectives of the study

Upon validation of the business proposal by the client, a preliminary meeting to the study is set up to validate the objectives, check the questionnaires, interview guides or research grids, and make sure they meet the client’s needs. We remain fully available to set up progression meetings and confirm the orientations our client wants us to follow.

These checkpoints also allow us to identify the key elements to be deepened in the synthesis phase, in order to guarantee the pertinence of our operational recommendations

Operational phase

Students recruited and briefed by Junior ESSEC’s Project Leaders come in handy to help the Project Leaders with the operational work: researches on specific matters or subjects depending on the student’s specialized curriculum or experience, leading of qualitative interviews by students with a specific background, administration of quantitative questionnaires, etc. We work on a regular basis with ESSEC Chairs in various fields: luxury, automotive and logistics industry, real estate, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

Regular checkpoints are set up with the client to ensure unbiased communication and positive decision-making.

Synthesis phase and analysis of the results

Junior ESSEC’s Project Leaders then process the collected data and analyze the main trends to come up with innovative and strategic recommendations, ready to be implemented on the market.

We ensure bringing our clients a strong added value in the form of strategic recommendations and operational solutions. Indeed, the biggest pride of our Project Leaders is to have a direct impact on their clients’ activity, will it be the strategic vision of a market or the communication focused around a particular product. 

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