Internal audit

Some companies are conscious of their lack of efficiency and of their mishandling of the rapid changes of digitalization and uberization. It can sometimes jeopardize their organization and their business model. Junior ESSEC intervenes on different items (redefinition of the supply chain, analysis of the internal organization and relations between business units, recruitment process analysis, measure of employee satisfaction towards their company, etc.)
The Project Leaders perform an initial meeting with the client in order to shed light on their needs. They determine the methodology to be used:

  • Qualitative interviews (face-to-face or by phone) to understand the interviewee’s opinion and his perception of the company and its organization (departments and business units, management, etc.),
  • Satisfaction studies via an on-line platform and mailing campaigns,
  • Mystery visits in stores or agencies of the company to evaluate the quality of customer reception and treatment.

To ensure top-notch recommendations and have a direct impact for the client, Junior ESSEC can perform a market study on top of the audit process. This way, the Junior ESSEC Project Leaders can identify the best practices performed by similar companies that would benefit their client.

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