Market study

Since its creation, Junior ESSEC has been specializing in market studies.

We perform more than 100 market studies per year, for every type of client, on every kind of market: finance, new technologies, health, energy, mass distribution, industry, services, etc. At the start of the study, we ask ourselves a series of question to set the framework of the research:

  • What information should our client know before entering a given market?
  • What are the actors of the value chain of the market?
  • What are the recent and future trends?


We put to use our database of more than 1,000 market studies we carried out in the last 6 years and have recourse to specialized tools (Statista, Orbis).  We always keep a client-focused state-of-mind: which data is useful for the client to make the right decisions?

We do not hesitate to call on ESSEC teachers and alumni of our structure when we need specific insight on a market.


We apply the following methodologies to offer you tailored and unique market study:

  • documentary research thanks to our sources and our experience in the field of the study,
  • qualitative interviews with experts of the sector, such as consultants, investors, customers, competitors or clients,
  • benchmark of companies in the sector with analysis of their financial performance, mapping of their implantations and analysis of their strategy.

Each methodology can require a full-fledged study when the client wishes to focus on a specific aspect of the market (demand study, supply study, competition benchmark, etc.).

The original study brings sometimes more questions than it answers to. Junior ESSEC can perform optional phases to complete the original demand, when deemed relevant by the Project Leaders and upon agreement with the client.

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