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Junior ESSEC is the one and only student-led enterprise that can offer 15 dedicated and highly motivated Project Leaders, split into two groups: senior Project Leaders, who have at least a year of experience in the Junior Enterprise and adapt their curriculum adn schedule to their clients’ needs, and junior Project Leaders, who joined Junior ESSEC during their 2nd year at ESSEC. This mentoring system guarantees personalized follow-up for every client and continuous transmission of Junior ESSEC’s know-how and expertise. 



Junior ESSEC makes the most of two worlds: it brings together the expertise and professionalism of market-leader consultancies and the flexibility and reactivity of student-led organizations. Junior Project Leaders take a gap year to fully dedicate themselves to the quality and success of their studies whereas Senior Project Leaders adapt their timetables to their professional requirements. Junior ESSEC binds to its clients’ needs and rules so that they can be fully satisfied, displaying a way of functioning inspired by large consulting firms.



Several elements are proof of our reactivity:

  • Our office is open all year long, on every working day, from 9AM to 7PM. School holidays have no impact on the functioning of our structure,
  • Junior ESSEC instantly takes into account your need. Our Junior-Enterprise systematically elaborates a complete and detailed business proposal in the 48 hours following the first contact with the contractor,
  • Our Project Leaders are able to mobilize in just a few days several dozens of ESSEC students willing to take part in the studies.

We are familiar with large-scale studies in in short periods of time: administration of 5,500 questionnaires in 5 weeks over the whole country, carrying out of more than 100 field audits per year by gathering students everywhere in France, audit of 600 European hotels in 2 months, carrying out of a quantitative study requiring 300 answers from professionals of the catering business in only 4 days, etc.

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