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Oliver WYMAN is a strategy consulting firm based in New York which recruits its consultants via a demanding and tested process. The recruitment process is focused on a case study followed by a discussion on the candidates’ motivations and profile. As a renowned consulting firm, Oliver WYMAN supports Junior ESSEC in its development and in the improvement of its work by offering training on data gathering and Business Plan elaboration. In addition, Oliver WYMAN trains and prepares members of Junior ESSEC to the demanding recruitment process of consulting companies, with case cracking sessions and personalized coaching.

Amaris is an international group of Technology and Management Consulting Group, created in 2007 and present in more than 50 locations and 40 countries worldwide. With 1,600 employees and 80 million € of turnover in 2014, Amaris has become in 7 years a reference and a key actor in consulting. Since its creation, Olivier Brourhant, Olivier Tisseyre and François Latombe, founders of Amaris, have made it a priority in remaining independent to efficiently answer their clients’ needs. Today, Amaris supports ESSEC Junior Enterprise in its development and construction through diversified training methods:

  • Negociation workshops,
  • Training on customer/client relationship management,
  • Organizational consulting.

This training allows Junior ESSEC to better address growth problematics and constantly improve the quality of our work.

Historical partner of Junior ESSEC, Société Générale provides us with financing services, investments and payment of the students working on our missions. 

STATISTA is one of the online leaders in market statistics. Their 250 statisticians and experts work on key data modelling over every large economic sector, at a worldwide and local level. The reliability of their information make it a top-choice partner for consulting companies. Junior ESSEC bonded a partnership with STATISTA in order to expand our resource panel at a worldwide level. It is especially useful for market studies. 

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