Positioning study

Junior ESSEC has a long and comprehensive experience in positioning studies. Should it be a product or a general public service, aimed at a niche market or a complex B2B market, we have the knowledge and skills to help you:

  • Understanding the offers of your competitors on your market,
  • Identifying the actors of the value chain,
  • Determining the optimal pricing for your product/service/solution, with the help of a quantitative research.


The positioning study usually comes with a market study in order to give details on the general environment (PESTEL analysis) and guide the redaction of the quantitative questionnaire by Junior ESSEC’s Project Leaders. This survey, generally lasting between 5 and 15 minutes, is administered to a representative sample of the targeted population.


The quantitative analysis will allow us to map the exact positioning of the company against its competitors, according to various criteria. The client can then know its exact positioning and benefit from the strategic expertise of Junior ESSEC’s Project Leaders. The global analysis, carried upon scientific criteria and data gathered from marketing research, will allow the client to benefit from an original viewpoint on their company and market.

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