Potential studies

Every year, Junior ESSEC works with thirty-so entrepreneurs who want to launch a product or a service. The study prior to this launch, also called potential study, helps to evaluate the interest of consumers or clients and put precise figures on the market. Administrating a quantitative survey is a smooth and quick method to set up when our client has a precise idea of the product or service he wishes to launch.

The redaction of the survey and analysis of data take into account several methods developed and used on a top marketing-level:

  • the NPS, or Net Promoter Score, gives out a score between -100 and 100 indicating the rate of promoters, people willing to recommend a service, a product or a brand, regarding the detractors, people not willing to recommend it.
  • Different analysis techniques focus on price or positioning, via software tools specialized in marketing research, which we detail in our business proposal according to the client’s needs.

Some entrepreneurs also decide to launch their project from A to Z with Junior ESSEC: we carry out the market study, the Business Plan aimed at investors and banks, the communication plan and the design of the brand name and logo.

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