Satisfaction surveys

Junior ESSEC is used to carrying out various satisfaction studies:

  • Yearly barometers (usually by phone),
  • Face-to-face surveys with the users of a service, a product or a brand’s customers,
  • Online panels to evaluate the perception of a service, a product or a brand in an effective and cost-cutting way to address large groups of the population.


We make use of several methods taken from the latest researches in marketing engineering and customer relationship management, such as:

  • the NPS, or Net Promoter Score, which gives out a score between -100 and 100 by subtracting the rate of detractors, i.e. people not willing to recommend a service/product/brand from the rate of promoters, i.e. people willing to recommend it,
  • Different analysis techniques focused on price or positioning, via specialized softwares in marketing research, which we detail in our business proposal according to the client’s needs.


The analysis of the data collected during survey administration will allow to describe the sample and extrapolate results to the whole population. Crossed screenings will then be performed by Junior ESSEC in order to determine the influence of age, gender, socio-economic categories, etc. on the answers of the poll.
Junior ESSEC’s project leaders constantly alter their models and analyses in order to offer the best of strategic information to their client: every quantitative analysis is unique.

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