The lingerie market in France


The lingerie market represents more than 3 billion euros of turnover in 2014 in France, shared between several actors : food & beverage supermarkets, clothes stores, specialized stores, online e-commerce websites. Nowadays, one spends a medium of around 100€ a year in lingerie. Purchasing habits rapidly evolve with more than 10% of purchases being done online, with a growth rate superior to the one of the global lingerie market. Distance selling represents large growth perspectives, especially around a young, active and dynamic clientele (active youngsters and students from 18 to 35 years old).

Structure of study

The study is articulated around 3 different steps: supply study, namely environment and actors of the market; demand study, namely consumers and their expectations; and lastly general synthesis of the results of the study. 1. Supply study includes : carrying out of a documentary research on the global market, with a focus on the circuit of online sales elaboration of a benchmark of the main companies of the sector, divided into 3 groups: specialized online sellers, specialized and fashion retail, and supermarkets.   2. Demand study includes : setting up of Focus Groups to evaluate the demand of young clientele, between 18 to 35 years with a distinction between male and female clientele carrying out of a quantitative face-to-face study with students and 25 to 35-year-olds in order to evaluate the positioning of lingerie brands for this clientele, consuming habits and budget according to gender   3. General synthesis of study writing of an Executive Summary summing up the main results of study, selection of key data synthesizing the lingerie market, the online lingerie market and the 18 to 35-year-old-customer-target.


Market study Positioning study Documentary Research Benchmark Focus Group Quantitative study

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