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“This year, Junior ESSEC celebrates its 50 years. This anniversary year also celebrates the birth of the concept of Junior Enterprise, launched at ESSEC, and students’ will to get professional and be faced with companies’ issues.

50 years later, Junior ESSEC perfectly embodies the pioneering spirit instilled by its founders. Since its creation, Junior ESSEC has always been the leading Junior Enterprise worldwide, carrying out 250 to 300 studies a year for 1.6 million euros of turnover.

Our corporate culture goes hand-in-hand with our success. Junior ESSEC is the only Junior Enterprise to count among its team 15 Project Leaders in gap year, dedicated to excellence. We are thus very reactive and available on each working day from 9AM to 7PM.

At Junior ESSEC, we know that your issues require experience and commitment: for every study that is entrusted to us, two Project Leaders are completely dedicated to it. The 3rd year Project Leader already has an experience of more than a year in our structure, and has led around 50 studies from A to Z. This firm dedication allows us to acquire real market intelligence and unique sectorial expertise among the market of Junior Enterprises.

We work with a broad spectrum of clients (95% of the actual CAC 40 listed companies, investment funds, consulting cabinets, small and medium companies, start-ups or entrepreneurs…). We adapt to every one of them to offer the services they need, while dedicating ourselves to top-quality work. Therefore, we develop marketing techniques based on the most up-to-date marketing researches. All Project Leaders are trained on a regular basis by sectorial specialized experts and senior consultants form prestigious consultancies (Oliver Wyman, the BCG, etc.).

We have made a new step towards utmost professionalization. A Strategic Committee (our Board), composed of academicians and high-level decision-makers, was launched at the end of 2016. Thanks to them, we can keep on raising our standards in the long term. The Board drives us to enhance the quality of our studies ever more and deliver relevant recommendations to our clients.

This culture, specific to Junior ESSEC, allows us to build on the long-term and develop relationships with clients that remain loyal to us: Junior ESSEC nowadays counts around 70% of loyal clients among its client database. This figure is proof of our commitment and our capacity of producing strong value-added work, answering the issues of our clients along with the elaboration of their strategy.

This is maybe what defines us at most: at Junior ESSEC, our clients and their satisfaction are always our one and only priority.”

Loïs Henry, President of Junior ESSEC

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