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“In 2018, Junior ESSEC has reached new summits and made a step unthinkable 51 years ago, when the concept of Junior Enterprises was born at ESSEC. Generating a 2 million Euros turnover and leading almost 300 studies every year, Junior ESSEC and its loyal customer base has grown into an inspiring model for Junior Enterprises, worthy of its #1 rank worldwide.


Such a success is also a direct result of a new strategic direction. Often compared to a « small consulting company », Junior ESSEC has over the years gathered knowledge and developed skills which paved the way for genuine integration within the professional consulting market.


Today, the ESSEC Junior Enterprise remains one for the sake of its name only. We collaborate with the most renowned consulting companies and master their analytical skills, which we enrich with our keen eye and pioneering spirit. Last year for instance, Junior ESSEC has launched an Executive Board made up of distinguished ESSEC teachers and company leaders. They are at the roots of further professionalization of our services and their contribution helps us improve our methods and produce more and more accurate results.


Furthermore, our Project Leaders are particularly sensitive to your needs. Each one of them takes a gap year to deliver top performance and be available and responsive every day from 9a.m. to 7p.m.. Such availability allows us to build a relationship of trust and confidence with our clients, exceed their expectations and provide them with valuable studies perfectly tailored to their needs.


At Junior ESSEC, commitment rhymes with excellence. Our Project Leaders are engaged for two years and are selected among 400 students of the ESSEC Grand École Programme after having graduated from “Classes Préparatoires aux Grandes Écoles de commerce” and the ESSEC Bachelor Cycle. While our Juniors are in direct contact with the clients, our Seniors remain available to train, support and guide them, as well as ESSEC teachers.


Thus, during such a two-year commitment, Junior ESSEC Project Leaders develop genuine experience in sharp and varied areas. In one year, every one of us leads 50 studies from scratch and acquires valuable market intelligence and expertise, a « one in a million » amongst Junior Enterprises.


Our present values of excellence, commitment, quality and innovation allow us to collaborate with a wide range of clients (95% of the CAC 40, investment funds, consulting companies, medium-sized industries, start-ups and entrepreneurs). They trust our experience to help them define new strategies. We hope to help you soon as well.


Bryan TREMBLAIS, President of Junior ESSEC

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