Values of Junior ESSEC


Junior ESSEC: pioneer of the Junior Enterprises movement

Junior ESSEC, first Junior Enterprise founded in 1967, was at the heart of the creation of the National Confederation of Junior Enterprises.

It has remained since its creation the undisputed leader of the movement, thanks to its €1.6M turnover (25% of the global turnover of French Junior Enterprises) and thanks to the number of studies conducted (250 studies a year on average).

As a role model for all Junior Enterprises, we take responsibility for the support and promotion of the entire movement.

Client First

Client satisfation: Junior ESSEC reason for existence

Junior ESSEC’s first and foremost priority: our clients’ satisfaction.

As years went by, we developed strong relations with our clients who do not hesitate to call again on our professionalism and flexibility.

Discipline and availability

Junior ESSEC: full-time dedication to your project

We are the only Junior Enterprise to offer full-time dedicated students to our clients thanks to a gap year.

Project Leaders remain available for answering calls and e-mails each working day from 9AM to 7PM.


Our internal processe guarantee flawless work and follow-up on every study

Each study is managed by 2 Project Leaders, post-graduate students at ESSEC, who dedicate their time and expertise to the quality of the study, from the signing of the convention to the handover of the final report.


Junior ESSEC core strength: flexibility

We are able to rally over short periods of time dozens of ESSEC students in order to meet our clients’ time requirements and deadlines. We adapt to our clients deadlines.

As a matter of fact, we are used to working as subcontractors for strategy consultancies.


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